European Grand Prix
Race Report, 1 October 1995

Jean-Denis Deletraz celebrated his 32nd birthday by finishing the European Grand Prix in 15th place on the track while team mate Andrea Montermini was forced to retire after a faulty refuelling system caused him to run out of fuel shortly after making his second pit stop.

Starting from 20th and 24th places on the grid, Andrea and Jean-Denis made good starts on wet tyres and settled into a good rythmn in the early stages. Andrea overtook both the McLarens and was running ahead of Tarquini's Tyrrell and Papis's Arrows. Setting very competitive lap times for the second race in succession, Andrea made two pit stops ; the first to change onto slick tyres and refuel and the second for a new set of slicks and the final refuelling of the race.

Unfortunately the second stop went badly, the refuelling rig not delivering the fuel into the car. Refuelling man Paul Summerfield realised there was a problem after he disconnected the refuelling hose and as he tried to examine it he stepped forward and was hit by Andrea's car as it moved off.

According to initial medical reports Paul has suffered a serious fracture of the upper left leg and will require surgery. He was transferred by ambulance to the circuit medical centre and then by air to hospital in Bonn.

As a result of the faulty fuelling system, Andrea's car did not have enough fuel in it when he left the pits and he ran out of fuel shortly afterwards. Jean-Denis also made two pit stops but these went smoothly and he was able to drive steadily to finish the Grand Prix in 15th place on the track. He had no major problems, although Schumacher touched his car slightly when he was being lapped early in the race but no damage was caused.

ANDREA MONTERMINI - Retired out of fuel

"The car was very good in the race and I was able to lap quite quickly in the conditions. The only problem was that the car was not handling very well on wet tyres just before my first pit stop, but as soon as I was on slicks it was fine again. I did not realise I had hit the refuelling man when I left the pits, but obviously I knew there was a big problem because the car immediately began to run out of fuel."


"I am very happy to finish the race - it was a long race and I know I need to gain more confidence and improve my lap times, but my objective here was to finish and not to have any physical problems. The team has done a good job for me and we have now to make more progress in Japan and Australia."